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I ordered a saw over E-Bay. A Disston D-8 Rip Saw - some pitting, some discoloration was the description with the photo.

The saw came in great shape. Full varnish on the nice and tight handle. The tempered spring steel blade was in fine shape with a little dirt mistaken for the off color. When sharpened, I noticed the teeth were of original set and never touched.

A good find, and a better buy! A fine tool the quality of which is all but gone.

I looked up the age of the saw. The saw nuts and blade insignia put the age at a narrow window of time ending right as World War II started.

My thoughts wandered as I sawed with this capable piece of Americana.

Was the saw purchased only to be never used by a person who went to war? It most certainly hung some place till it was sent my way. Why would such a large original purchase never be vested?

Continued .......

Tom Hannah
P.O. Box 4054
Estes Park, CO 80517