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Cherry Chairs

Chairs in Cherry Wood.

Cherry Chairs

Ergonomic Chair has flexible back.

Cherry Chairs


Handtools. Tools driven by human power. Centuries of evolution. A source of pride not so long ago. A hallmark of civilization.

In 3 dimensional curved and carved work an absolute necessity. Handwork; the indispensable refinement.

With handtools one is able to move freely around the work. Not fettered, as with machines, to running the work through existing jigs, existing fences.

In compound angled joinery, the interface runs on 3 planes; sometimes the work is anything but square. Compound dovetails, angled mortise & tenon, inclined bridal joints demand a tool system that will move beyond the ordinary.

I find a sharp handsaw, chisel and plane irreplacable in angled work. Of course, the human eye, capable of guiding the hand to the finest detail; exceeds all.

Imagination is the only limit with handtools. I have collected choice examples of handtools from the last two centuries. Sharpened and tuned they speak from an era few people today realize.

So often I see the novice craftsperson misunderstand the intrinsic sense of finer woodworking. They pursue it with power and force, when balance, finesee and patience are called for. Would one paint a portrait with brushes meant for the side of a barn?

Compare my work to the fit and finish of the finest musical instruments. Empathy for the use of handtools will soon follow.

An implicit nature realized. A flexible essence revealed.

Cherry Chairs

Cherry Chairs

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