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Hall Table

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Hall Table

Hall Table with Bookmatched Walnut

The American Revolution. A time of change. A time of great risk. A time of new definitions.

I see these core values reflected in the furniture of that time; American Period.

When new design and new ideas were formed. The furniture took on a revitalized proportion, as if reaching for the Heavens. Veneers were seldom used. Craftsmen tapped first hand into fresh woods at an unexplored beginning. A renewed perception pervaded.

Beautiful examples remain from that era. Stately and dignified in their lofty shapes, yet, unpretentious somehow due to their honesty.

How I admire that time. When a vison was created by our Forefathers that still is exercised faithfully today.

A farsighted dream unique to America. As if woodwork strove to affirm one thought, display rhetoric to one eloquent effect. The significance of which ascribes close to my heart; nurturing spirit.

Tom Hannah
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