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Wood is hydroscopic, moving with humidity across the grain. That is moving across the end grain. Movement is about 1/4" per foot; more or less depending on humidity change.

Wood is hydroscopic. Moving with the seasons. If you do not account for this movement due to humidity; your piece wil implode.

As water expands into ice and rock expands with heat, wood movement is natural. And ever lasting. Wood will always move to moisture variations in the atmosphere.

Allowing for this motion involves capturing panels in grooves. Letting drawer bottoms float. Drawer supports must be allowed to move cross grain contrary to a case side.

This juxtaposition takes extra time to incorporate, especially in curved work.

Look at antiques to see why this balance of movement is necessary. You'll soon see cracked panels, cases weakened and drawer bottoms with gaps. Shakey stuff at best, in the trash at worst. A precarious use of an Earth's resource.

Fine woodwork is a direct result of human time. Just compensation traded for the tree's long lived journey.

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