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Sanding. The purpose?

As we focus a camera, sanding well defines a worthy core.

Bringing to bear the clearness of that day the tree encountered so long ago.

Truthful, simple energy presented, preserved for a weary world.

Patina. You hear experts use this word to desribe a wood piece's age. The only satisfactory way to initiate patina is to smooth the wood and finish without stain.

Patina is the natural aging of the wood. Sometimes describing the darkened colour.

I describe patina as an enrichment of the woods figured quality. The ripples of Fiddleback figure accumulate a deepening character; if allowed.

One look of polished figured walnut, cherry or mahagony aged a few years and you'll see why I liken staining wood to shuttering a picture window.

The oils I use to finish are non-darkening, unlike some oils of the past. My oils impart the slightlest amber, bringing out the wood's light nature.

The glowing spotlight beam of sun flitting the wood has to be seen in person to appreciate.

The French use the wood chatoyance to describe the moving light in a woman's eyes and hair. A proper word for the luminosity of figured wood.

My mind's eye soars when I ponder what these select, rare hardwoods will impart one hundred years from now.

Tom Hannah
P.O. Box 4054
Estes Park, CO 80517