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Sofa Table
of Walnut (claro)
Queen Anne Style

Custom Sofa Table
Sofa Table done in Walnut

Custom Sofa Table
Sofa Table polished like marble.

Custom Sofa Table
Sofa Table 70" x 30" deep x 30" High

Art Deco Furniture

Continued from .......

My Uncle drove a landing craft to the beaches of D-Day. He was treated for Battle Fatigue in Philly and then sent to the Pacific in readiness.

The atom bombs were dropped when he was cruising on a Destroyer bound for the anticipated Japan Invasion. In lieu of waiting months for a passage back to the States, he hitched a ride on a Battleship. Thus ending his service.

I was young when my Uncle died. He was in his early fifties. He seemed to wither.

A once strong sight to me (he boxed in the Navy) shrunk before my eyes. His Irish charisma waining more each visit.

I now think, "Did he see things no memory could serve? What sights brought on battle fatigue?"

I think of these things when I hold that Disston D-8 which has waited so patiently for use.

And I think of those that missed out - doing the things that were not their choice, but had to be done.

And freedom - yes we love it!

And I choose to use mine to accept no compromise in my work.

While I am strong.

To lose in one way (say; money!) on to gain much in another.

The freedom of expression.

Tom Hannah
P.O. Box 4054
Estes Park, CO 80517